Updated presentations on subscription billing, SaaS billing and activity-based billing business models for SaaS, ISV and cloud operators

Just posted a couple of new slide decks on SlideShare for www.tractbilling.com.

1) For a presentation delivered at SaaSUniversity.com, there is a new deck called “Overcoming the Challenges of Implementing Activity-Based (usage, transaction billing) for ISVs, MSPs and SaaS Operators.”

2) Another presentation yet to be delivered that dives into the critical process flows necessary to implement activity-based billing, especially bridging the gap between CRM and ERP. Content is most relevant for ISVs and SaaS operators.  Deck is titled: Understanding the Critical Processes in Subscription+Activity-Based Business Models.

3) A deck delivered by Chris Couch, COO of Transverse with Susan McNeice about billing as a critical marketing touch point and using subscription and activity-based billing to build better relationships with customers.

4) Fantastic review of TRACT by Ben Kepes: http://www.diversity.net.nz/reflecting-on-rlm-transverse-billing-and-subscription-vendor/2012/03/22/

5) How to add products with subscription, usage or activity-based pricing to your CRM system

6) New article on SoftwareCEO.com titled “Does activity-based billing create un-needed complexity?

If you have any questions, drop me a line.


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